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February 2018 LSAT - International Test Discussion

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for the LG I also just remembered one where there were musical instruments we had to order and also something about sorting 7 people/ groups into 5 years
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Dave Killoran wrote:
soniasotomayor wrote:Hey, yeah I dont think the LG one you mentioned is the real one. Honestly I have completely forgotten the LG but I dont recall that one so probably experimental. What about LR? Do you recall any from those two? I had 3 LR sections and the second one was quite difficult to me so hoping that is experimental!

Just on LG, any recollection at all?

I'll see if we can get Aimeeque to post on some LR she remembers. In the meantime, if you post some of the LR topics you recall, she can then say whether she remembers any of the topics. In this way, you can help each other narrow down what was real and what wasn't since it appears you had the same exams :-D

Just to help others out here because I know how stressful it can be trying to figure which was the experimental and such. I took London and can attest to the real ones since LR was my exp.

RC: bebop/jazz; the comparative one on pragmatist approaches to law; a chemist creating some invention (can’t remember the first passage)
LG: linear classification of employees; (can’t remember the middle two - but they were relatively easy - one was strict sequencing and the other selection); ended with a game about a man choosing to buy books (selection - 6 questions)

One LR section had a lot of “except” questions. Seemed like the exp but maybe not. Hope this helps.
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I took the Lsat exam on 11 Feb in India, mine was RC LR RC LR LG.
1. Author’s innovative ideas who studied in states and went to italy, sculptures, her book Hagar in the wilderness.
2. Criminalization of intent to crime. Something like that.
3. Sprawl, suburban passage A and passage B
4. Hedges and shrubs
5. Jazz - economically unstable and overdue recognition received
6. Passage A and B on something like leaf. (Didn’t read it)

1. London Milan Paris, everything in Milan is in London, Walter is in one only. V follows Z.
2. 5 sequenced of S in 2 or P in 6 not both, p/h - g - p/h, m/o - g - m/o.

Then last 5 sequence can’t remember anymore.

Another member from 7sage told me February 2018 LSAT in Asia was used in February 2016 LSAT in North America: ... mpressions