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Special Thanks (hopefully all other students of Powerscore-

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- to all the staff.

Thank you so much for all Powerscore staff who is working extra hard to try to answer every question in the forum until the February 10th or until test date or tomorrow arrives (today should be the last full day studying day for most test takers) which I suspect that this is accomplished by all Powerscore staff is sacrificing their personal time for the benefits of the students of Powerscore.

I am writing this message cuz 1. I sometimes see in the forum that some students whine or complain or demand an answer in a non-polite manner that Powerscore staff is not helping them fast enough or their help are not good enough; if that is how they truly feel, everyone is entitled to their opinion. 2. Also, I would like to apologize as well if I demanded an answer to a question in any nonpolite manner in the prior occasions.

Anyways and most importantly, I am a believer in when something to be grateful or thankful to others, one should express immediately since life is short; I am sure a lot of people in the forum share thankfulness.

Thank you for your grace.
Adam Tyson
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It's our pleasure, lathlee! We do what we do because we love it, and helping our students is what drives us. Good luck this weekend, we are all pulling for you! Be sure to join us after the test for our post-test breakdown discussion!
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