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Reading Comprehension

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Hi all. So I have been seeing a steady improvement in both the LG and LR sections but I seem to have hit a score plateau for RC. I've been stuck at around getting 60-70% of the questions in that section correct and I haven't been able to figure out how to raise my scores. I am shooting for around 5 wrong total in the section. Any suggestions to help improve? Thanks!
Claire Horan
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Thanks for the question. Since you haven't mentioned a timing issue, I will assume that you are not missing these questions because you are rushing, though if you think that may be the case I would advise you to slow down and spend more time on the passage and sacrifice a few by guessing on ones that you can't get to (with a 1/5 chance of still getting each of those right). This is because by sacrificing a few, you end up with more time to spend thinking through the other questions and increasing your chances of correct answers. This also means that you may want to skip the passage that seems most difficult and save it for the end or, if you usually view them as equally difficult, you may choose to skip the passage with the fewest questions because it isn't worth as many points as the others.

Beyond the timing question, I would encourage you to summarize as you read. When you read a meaningful unit of language (often less than a full sentence), pause and tell yourself what you just read, in your own words. Occasionally circle back to connect the sentences to each other in your mind. Then when you reach the end of a paragraph, write a phrase or two in the margin describing what that paragraph did structurally and what it was about. For example, a note might say, "Intro, def. gray marketing." This tells you how the paragraph fits in both structurally and its substance. When you finish reading the whole passage, you will have written an outline and have a better understanding.

I hope these thoughts are helpful for you. Good luck!