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"...takes for granted..."??

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This may seem like a real dumb question but I have done so many different practice questions/tests and the phrase "takes for granted" always trips me up. For example, "The authors argument is flawed because it takes for granted that" makes me second guess if I am supposed to find the flaw (which now I know I am) or find the more realistic scenario, almost like the opposite of what the flaw is.

Another simple example is if the stem simply said, "The author takes for granted." I can't help but think of the meaning of not appreciating something/someone.

If there is a simple way to think about this phrase, I would greatly appreciate the insight! I may just be over thinking...

Thanks in advance!
Claire Horan
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Hi sydnew,

There is indeed a simple way to think about the phrase "takes for granted." It just means "assumes." An assumption is an unstated premise that is necessary for the conclusion of the argument to be properly drawn. So the answer choice that is "taken for granted" will be something that 1) the author needs to be true for his/her argument and 2) the author has not stated explicitly.

Let us know if you have any more questions about this phrase. Thanks for the question!