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Preparing for the June LSAT

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I purchased the online course back in July ‘14 in preparation for the September ‘14 LSAT. I did not prepare as well as I would have liked and did poorly on the LSAT. I tried again in June ‘16 to prep for the September ‘16 LSAT, but could not devote the time. I took time off to work and save money and now I’m getting ready to start prep for the June LSAT this year. I found your 4-month study plan, but it doesn’t exactly match up with the resources I have. What I have are: reinstated online lesson archive and student center, with all the books and tests (did some work in the books, and took some of the tests, not sure which ones off the top of my head), and the three type training books untouched.

How do I incorporate these materials into a 4-month study plan? I’m looking for something very specific so I force myself to commit and put the work in.

Thanks so much.

Jonathan Evans
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Hi, AWycoff,

Thanks for the questions and for providing the information about the materials you have and your background.

Since you have the On-Demand lesson videos, I suggest you take it from the ground up. You have sufficient time to do the complete lesson program for June.

Start by watching the lesson one video. Take notes and make sure you are clear on all the material presented. Then do and review all the assigned homework for lesson one. The following week, watch the recording of lesson two. Continue with this program, one lesson a week for the 12 weeks.

Meanwhile, use the 4-Month Self Study plan as a guide to which practice tests to do. Administer and review the practice tests according to the Self Study schedule. Make sure you give yourself enough time to review these tests as you progress, using the LSAT Scoring System tool available through your student center.

While the Type-Training books overlap with the material presented in the course, you may use these books for supplemental drills and practice. Remember, even though you may have seen certain problems before, there is no downside (and considerable benefit) to attempting problems multiple times.

Meanwhile, please continue to use these forums as both a reference and resource for getting answers to your questions as you progress.

Please follow up to this reply with further questions. Good luck with your preparation, and we hope to see you here on the forums!