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"On Demand" Course Information/Advice for 2nd Time Test Prep

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I'm planning on enrolling in an online course to prepare for the June LSAT, and am leaning more towards the "On Demand" course since this will be my second time studying. I initially took the test over a year ago (September 2016 test), and I had sessions with a private tutor that was recommended to me when first studying for the test who used the 3 PowerScore LSAT bibles (not a PowerScore tutor, just personally favored these books). I think that the issue with this study method/tutoring sessions was that there was a lot of freedom and independent learning, in that he would assign me certain pages/sections from the LSAT bibles to read, and then take a practice section that we would go over in person. Although the books were very helpful and I thought I was grasping the concepts when independently studying, I don't think I actually learned and mastered all of the basic skills and concepts. Would the "On Demand" course be structured enough (i.e., ability to do homework-like assignments and problems following lessons) to not only refresh my memory but to also really test, strengthen and retain all of the tips/tricks/concepts that I need to know for each of the sections? I guess I'm really just looking for a more school-like structured online course that will give lessons, assignments and activities to actually learn everything, rather than just reviewing my excessive pages of notes taken while reading the bibles, and still not actually really learning anything.
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Hi, Biengor!

Welcome to our forums! Thank you for the excellent question.

Yes, what you are describing is pretty much exactly what the On-Demand Course is.

While we do have excellent, structured Self-Study Plan options to go along with the Bibles, the On-Demand Course is based around our classroom curriculum. As long as you follow it as you would a course, with discipline and regularity, it provides the structure many students are looking for.

In effect, it's a Full Length course delivered on a flexible schedule.

Please follow-up with further questions or feel free to call our office at 800-545-1750. Our staff would be happy to assist.

I hope this helps!