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#9 - To allay public concern about chemicals that are

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Could someone please explain why A is incorrect?

Also, I am having trouble seeing how C is correct. Isn't the scope of the argument limited to chemicals that are leaking into the river? If so, how could the fact that untested chemicals that were leaking in the past be relevant?
Adam Tyson
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The reason that C weakens the argument, kcho, is that the chemical company is only talking about NEW chemicals, but the dump in question is "long-established", meaning it has been around for a long time. It could be full of a bunch of OLD chemicals that predate the new requirements, and those old chemicals could be leaking from the dump into the river. Just because the new chemicals are safe doesn't mean the public need not be concerned about the leak from the dump full of the old junk!

A doesn't hurt the argument because it is completely irrelevant. So what if some lifesaving substances are delayed getting to the market? What does that have to do with telling the public not to be concerned about the old dump full of chemicals that might be leaking into the river? That's a totally different problem that has nothing to do with the leak issue. It might weaken a claim that "the safety standards are a good thing for society" or that "the safety standards are sure to improve the lives of all people who come into contact with them", but that's not the argument we are being asked to weaken. We are supposed to attack the implied argument that the leak is of no concern.

I hope that sheds some light on it for you!
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