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Must Be X vs Cannot be true

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As I was going through some of the wrong questions that i got in the 2016 version of RC LSAT powerscore, I realized that the wording of Must be X and Cannot be true are pretty similar to possibly the same.

How can I distinguish the two?
also, in RC only, Must be X and Cannot be True questions' answers, Is the correct answer are basically the same ?
Dave Killoran
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Hi Lathlee,

They aren't identical, but do overlap. Here's how:

Must Be True Except:

..... Incorrect answers: Must Be True
..... Correct answer: Not Necessarily True (which includes Cannot Be True)

Cannot Be True:

..... Incorrect answers: Could Be True
..... Correct answer: Cannot Be True

So, the two aren't identical. In the LRB, look up the discussion of the Logical Opposition (LGB has it too). These ideas are covered in detail there!

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