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December 2017 LSAT - Accommodated Test Discussion

Jon Denning
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Students taking the LSAT with accommodations may encounter a test different from the standard US/Canada LSAT, so we have created this thread to minimize confusion as everyone gets together to talk about their test content.

Below, let us know more about your accommodated test, including questions and topics that you remember, section order, and overall impressions (difficulty, uniqueness/familiarity, odd elements, etc). With that information, we will begin listing which LG/RC/LR questions were real and which were known to be experimental (for more information on determining the Experimental section, please read: The Experimental Section Explained).

When you post, please indicate when and where you took the LSAT, and then follow the posting guidelines (and other considerations) provided below!

This information can help you determine whether to keep or cancel your score (although these days you rarely should cancel since only your highest score matters). For more assistance on making that decision, please visit: The Ultimate LSAT Scoring Guide: Should You Keep or Cancel?

Per LSAC policies, you are allowed to discuss LSAT question topics and difficulty in general. For example, this means you can identify a game by name and discuss whether you thought it was difficult. You cannot talk about specific answer choices, however. So, "The Water Tubes game was difficult for me" is fine; "the answer to the first three questions was A in that game" is not acceptable.

Note: The list below will be updated in real time as we learn more about the exam, and thus is neither official nor complete while the discussion is ongoing. If you are considering cancelling based on the details provided here, give this thread a day or two so that we can make sure all of the information is accurate.

The December 2017 Accommodated LSAT was the same as the regular December 2nd, 2017 test

Scored Sections

    Real Logic Games (should be in order)

      1. Asia Cruise Ship Trip to Cities (Jakarta, Hanoi, Manila, Osaka, Shanghai, Tokyo...)
      2. Musical Performances
      3. Train/Metro stations: open and closed stops
      4. 8 Apartment Building Floors Cleaned for Air Quality

    Real Reading Comprehension (should be in order)

      1. Chinese Americans/Language Dialects in San Francisco
      2. Parallel Universes (Multiverse)
      3. IP Law (comics/chefs) — Comparative Reading
      4. Social Darwinism (Theorists)

    Real Logical Reasoning

      Tilapia (first question of a real section)
      Mayoral race (first question of a real section)
      Alzheimer's disease/Indian spice (turmeric)
      T. Rex
      Firemen putting out forest fires
      Greek reading oracle's tablet
      Nuclear fusion of atoms creating heat
      Raising prices by a quarter (25 cents)
      Herniated disk
      Sensing Tornados
      Dolphin habitat
      Car prices
      Ted/Tatiana (supervisor and employee pay/replacement)
      Two towns with different temps and utility bills
      Black and white strip camouflage (pandas/zebras?)
      Herbal medicines becoming harmful
      Poems and paraphrasing
      Prehistoric humans with spears/tools
      500 years ago people making birch bark canoes with tools (could be same as above)

Experimental Sections

    Experimental Logic Games

      Fruit Stand (mangos, etc)
      Secretary/President/Treasurer (people in position on boards?)
      Room remodeling in a house
      Archaeology (order of cities being abandoned)
      Rumors/Leakers (people telling top secret information)
      Voting/Zoning Committees
      Movies (shown over a week)
      Group of lawyers for a client

    Experimental Reading Comprehension

      Emmy Noether (passage listed by some as "Einstein's Girlfriend")
      Naturalistic Protest Fiction
      Mayan Civilization
      Ice Cores

    Experimental Logical Reasoning

      Telomeres and aging (greying hair)
      Mosquitoes and leaves
      More rain (humidity) causing drought and cooler days
      Crazed glass
      Eating more fruit
      "Dodgers" (people dodging questions)
      Birds faking injuries
      TMAO and supplements (meat eaters vs vegetarians)


    Section orders and question counts

      LR RC LR LR LG
      RC LR LG RC LR

      LG: 23 questions
      LR1: 25 questions
      LR2: 26 questions
      RC: 27 questions
      Total: 101 questions

    North American LSAT Information

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    Sections: LR (25), RC, LR(25), LR(26), LG

    Hi I took the accommodated test today. I can't figure out if my first or second logical reasoning was the experimental. I definitely felt more confident on the second, however, I don't know if that was just being nervous and having a rough start. I had the same sections as the unaccommodated exam for logic games and reading comprehension. I usually breeze through LG, almost always getting -0 or -2 at most. I found this section stumped me. Realized I misread a rule on the floor cleaning game after completing 5 questions and had to redo the entire game. Nothing was specifically difficult, just confusion caused by phrasing.

    I am having a hard time figuring out which section was the experimental. I can't remember any specific questions from the first section. However, I am confident that these questions were the second or third sections for me: Tilapia, Alzheimer's disease/Indian spice (turmeric), T. Rex Greek, reading oracle's tablet, Ted/Tatiana, Prehistoric humans with spears/tools, Two towns with different temps and utility bills. Does anyone know a breakdown of any of these by section? Meaning, were these all in one section together or separate? Then I can probably conclude my first section was experimental.

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    So funny. I had the exact same test structure and remembered most of the same questions. I could not remember exactly which of those questions fell into which sections but think they all fell in section 3/4 for me. Based on non accommodation testing, I've found all of those questions are real which means the first section is not.
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    I'm taking the test on the 4th, is it likely that I'll get the same test?
    Jon Denning
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    PowerScore Staff
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    Hi all - I'll try to hit these all at once :)

    First, congrats to those who are done on being through it! Hope it went as well (or better) as you'd hoped :)

    lawschoolhope - check our info on the main test thread here: viewtopic.php?t=15993. Since you had the same test, that should allow you to determine which LR section was experimental by comparing real vs exp questions. For instance, your two real LR sections should have begun with questions about tilapia and about mayoral races. If you can match those to section numbers you're set!

    adam1818 - there were a few different section orders for 3-LR folks, as well as at least two different LR experimental sections used, so that's where some of this confusion comes from (and why I can't just blanket say "section 1 for people with your order didn't count!"). But again if you can match content to section you'll have it settled!

    fauxnime - 100%. If they're willing to give it yesterday and today, they'll give it again tomorrow. I had a student take the September with accommodations and her test was bumped to five days later (Thursday). She'll still got Saturday's regular exam! I think this is so those testing with accommodations aren't in any way treated differently in terms of content and test/score release. Good luck tomorrow!
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