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Taking Tests while doing virtual class

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I am enrolled in the virtual course and have taken the LSAT twice a 153 and then a 152 using the methods from the bibles. I took the diagnostic test prior to the course starting tomorrow and scored a 158. I noticed that I have taken all 4 tests included for the class about 3 months prior. I wanted to know if I should be taking more practice tests through out the course and how many tests total so that I am prepared for the test in February. If so, at what point in the course can I begin taking additional practice tests along with the homework and what amount of practice tests would you advise taking per week.
Stephanie Turaj
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Hi stcurren!

Thanks for the question! The four diagnostic tests (those included in the “Tests” course book) are recommended before the course, a quarter of the way through the course, halfway through the course, and near the end of the course. However, there is no exact schedule for when exactly those practice tests should be taken.

I'd recommend carving out a morning on the weekend to take the practice test under timed conditions and then review it a couple of days later during your time that's normally scheduled for homework.

The remaining practice tests you have available online are meant for practice as needed. Some students who struggle with time management or who really struggle with a particular area of the test may find it useful to take additional practice tests (or just additional practice sections) under timed conditions. For now, your focus should be on mastering the basic concepts.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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Hi Stephanie, should taking these tests multiple times be avoided?
Jennifer Janowsky
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If you can avoid it, I would suggest not taking the same test multiple times. If the tests are not sufficiently spread apart, there is a chance you might retain some information from the first take and therefore do better than expected. That said, it will not hurt you if you must do so--it simply isn't ideal.