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Studying Abroad-LSAT Virtual Course

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As I will be studying abroad this spring semester and may be interested in taking the LSAT in June (or just want to prepare well in advance for the fall test), the Virtual course looks very appealing. However, I noticed that they usually have a set time, 8-11 pm EST, for example. My study abroad location is six hours ahead, and I cannot be cracking the bibles open at about 2 AM. Does this mean the course is impossible for me or have other students found ways around such a problem?
Thank You
Adam Brinker
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The course is certainly not impossible for you. We have had numerous international students take the Virtual Course with the same concern regarding the time difference. Luckily, after each of the Virtual Course lessons takes place on the scheduled date/time, they are archived so that you have the ability to review each lesson as many times as you need. Therefore many students in situations similar to yours never actually log into the Virtual Course during the scheduled time; instead they go through the lessons online at their convenience.

I hope this helps!