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Please post your questions below!
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Hi. Can someone please post the answer and explanation here. Thank
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This question gives us the local rule that Wendy presents on jitsuaku and Shakespeare, but not Machiavelli.

Since Wendy is in the S group, Rita may not be in the S group, because of the second rule. Similarly, Rita may not appear in the M group, since the third rule tells us that anyone in the M group must also be placed in the S group.

Since Rita is excluded from the M and S groups, but she must present on something, Rita must be in the J group.

At this point, we have Wendy in the J and S groups and Rita in the J group. The M group is empty so far, and the only remaining student to fill that group is George. George then must be placed in the M group. Because of the third rule, George must also be placed in the S group. Finally, we are not sure if George is included in the M group or not.

Answer choices (A) and (C) tell us that George is not in the M group. This is impossible. Since he is the only student who can present on that subject, George must be in the M group.

Answer choice (B) could be true. George must present on M and S, but we do not know if he is in the M group. This is the correct answer.

Answer choice (D) tells us that Rita is in the M group, but not the S group. This is impossible

Answer choice (E) tells us that Rita is in the S group with Wendy. This is impossible.