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Scores Vary Greatly on Practice Exams

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Hi All,

this is driving me crazy... I have taken a bunch of practice exams and I still have such a wide scoring range. My top scores get me right to the median score of my choice school, but on the next test I can easily score 7-8 points lower. I'm not very comfortable going into the exam this Saturday not knowing what to expect.

Any thoughts / suggestions (or sympathetic "wow, that sucks" :))?

Jon Denning
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Hey Dani - thanks for the question. Can you provide a bit more information about your scores? What range are you scoring in, is their a specific section/question type that consistently gives you trouble, how many exams have you taken and under what conditions (timed vs untimed, recent vs old tests, at home vs in public), etc.

Also, what have you done to prepare? Class, books, etc.

Feel free to message me privately if you'd rather not post all of that in the public forum. Thanks in advance!

Jon Denning
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thank you for sharing, It is a great post.