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#12 - Surrealist: Many artists mistakenly think

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Hi Powerscore,

So, this question was pretty challenging for me. I selected "C' for the answer. I isolated the conclusion that " Using the power of artistic representation solely to preserve and reinforce objects that would exist even without artists is an ironic waste. So, I interpreted that meaning that artists should not base all of their art work on representation that is already present. The stimulus langue was a little wordy for me to digest.
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Hi Kdup,

Well done isolating that conclusion which you always need to do for Main Point questions. And yes, this question is quite wordy. Here, Answer Option (C) speaks in terms of "representation" but not in terms of within and outside the psyche which the conclusion does. Additionally, Answer Option (C) states that an artist should not "all their work" which is an additional reason to disqualify this answer. There is no such comparative language to be found in the stimulus. Answer (A) states "An artist’s work should not merely represent objects from outside the psyche." It captures that distinction between within vs outside the psyche and is therefore correct.

Thanks for the great question and I hope this helps! :-D