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Logical Reasoning Homework

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In each logical reasoning lesson of the course book, the homework provides 35-45 practice questions which are very beneficial. Just wondering that when I mark them at the end, should be expecting a specific score which can indicate how many of this specific question type I will get right on either a PT or the real thing? Ultimately, reviewing the wrong questions to see exactly why you got the question wrong would be best practice but I wondered if one could possibly gauge their performance for the score at the end of each HW section. Look forward to your reply. Thanks! :)
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Hi salmach,

Unfortunately I don't have a scale that will estimate how you will do on a real LSAT section based on your performance on the homework. An actual LSAT LR section will have a mix of question types and difficulty levels. So if you do really well on a set of 30 parallel reasoning questions, it won't be a great predictor of how you will do on an actual LR section which only has a handful of parallel reasoning questions.

You're right that reviewing the questions you marked incorrectly is the best practice. These groups of similar question types in the homework are your best opportunity to hone specific concepts learned in class.

If you're anxious to know how your score is improving overall, feel free to take one LR section under timed conditions and grade it! This is a great way to gauge your progress. There are a number of old LSATs available on the Powerscore website you can use for this purpose.

Good luck!