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#4 - Many economically useful raw materials are nonrenewable

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Please confirm my reasoning below is correct:

Narrowed down to A and C which both toyed with the idea that resources could actually be renewable. Ultimately chose C after ruling out A, because it challenged a premise in the argument. While correct answer C, challenged the conclusion.

Thank you!
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Great question!

Your approach is a good one -- an argument which attacks the conclusion is often stronger than one that merely attacks a premise.

Here, answer choice (A) is particularly ineffective at attacking the argument since the stimulus already accounts for this weakness. The stimulus says that "many economically useful raw materials" are non-renewable, and their absence will prevent people from accomplishing what they now do with those materials. Answer choice (A) merely states that "some economically useful resources" are renewable. The stimulus already concedes that "many" important resources are non-renewable. This clearly indicates that at least "some" important resources are renewable. So answer choice (A) doesn't have much of an impact on the argument.

I hope this makes sense! :) Good luck studying.