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Study plan & Workbooks vs. Training Type books

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I have the PowerScore Bibles and I have started on the 12-month study plan as a guide (and thinking about trying to speed it up to the 6 month plan to try for the February test but seeing how things go). I noticed that on the 12- and 6-month study plans, the Training Type books are started on much earlier than the Workbooks, but I also read on the PowerScore site that the workbooks are intended to be used after the Bibles to cement ideas from the Bibles, and that the Training Type books are generally sort of the third step to refine skills. I'm wondering about this difference of suggestion in the study plans.

Money is tight so unfortunately I can't just get everything at once, so I'm just trying to figure out which books to buy after the Bibles.

Dave Killoran
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Hi S,

Thanks for the question! Yes, the time horizon has an impact on how we work in the ideas. Those with longer horizons have more time to learn the skills and so we work in questions earlier and use the Workbooks for refining skills later (relatively speaking, not absolutely). In the shorter plans, the skills become more the focus since the more time you have to absorb those, the better. In our experience, these approaches are more productive for the students in each plan.

While it is the case that I often talk about a Bibles :arrow: Workbooks :arrow: Training Type order, that isn't an ironclad law (obviously). When a student has less time, it is the best order since it gets all the skills in place and then allows for practice on questions. But in a longer period, the Workbooks can then serve as an excellent finisher or refiner after some questions have been examined. The bigger point being that students can make some changes to those plans to fit what works best for them.

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