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#8 - One researcher writes, "Human beings are innately

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is answer choice C wrong because the stimuli states "But if some peoples are peaceable now, then aggression itself cannot be coded in our genes, only the potential for it" is used as support for the conclusion and not the conclusion itself? Acting as support to the conclusions, it would be inaccurate to claim that the author is "arguing that there are no genetically based traits"?
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Answer (C) is incorrect because it is too strongly worded. The author never actually argued that there are "no genetically based" traits. The author cites the presence of peaceable people as evidence that AGGRESSION isn't coded into our genes. But that leaves the door open for any number of possible traits that still could be genetically based.

Remember that Method of Reasoning questions always have this Prove Family standard built into them. Whatever answer you select must be provably true based on the stimulus. So, much like Must Be True questions, you will often encounter answers like answer (C) that take things a little too far with exaggerated language. It keeps the answer close enough to the stimulus to be tempting, but it's ultimately a statement that goes beyond what you can prove about the author's argument.
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