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#3 - Reviewer: Almost all books that offer management advice

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Hello. I was wondering if you could help explain why E is incorrect. I understand why D is correct, but do not understand why E is incorrect. Thank you!
Adam Tyson
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The problem with answer E, giants10, is that what the managers prefer isn't relevant to what is actually useful. Their preference to read what they think will be useful tells us nothing about whether the advice in the management books written from the perspective of CEOs will actually be useful to them! We are trying here to justify the conclusion - to prove that the advice in management books (which are mostly written from the perspective of CEOs) will be of limited use. Our answer, then, needs to address that issue of perspective and connect it to the idea of usefulness. Answer D makes that connection, and answer E does not.

Make sure your answer choice fully closes the gap between the premises and the conclusion! Connect those "rogue" elements, and you will be well on the way to selecting the best answer.
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