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#11 - Global. Justify

Jon Denning
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The final question in Game 2 is, like the last question in the first game, somewhat unique. We call #11 a Justify question, where you are asked what occurrence would be so powerful, so impactful, as to completely fill in every single position with absolute certainty.

In a way then this is a lot like Must Be True, as the correct answer will be the only one that's fixed—in this case completely fixed in terms of its results, where all seven positions will be known for sure.

So you can do one of two things here (or both, potentially).

First, if you've noticed something in the game that creates a completed setup you can quickly scan the answers for it. This is hit or miss though, since there may be multiple triggers that fill in all the spots. (I dropped a hint as to what this one is in the setup post, if you're interested)

Second, and a bit more reliably, you can start to churn through the answers, aggressively seeking one that's so profound in its implications that the chain reaction it starts will run to completion, with all the pieces slotting into place.

Let's try that approach!

Answer choice (A), as we have seen in questions like #10, still leaves a lot of uncertainty, not least of which is where S goes: it could go in 2 (if O is in 6), or in 5 (if O is in 2), and so on. Any uncertainty whatsoever immediately rules an answer out in a Justify question, so (A) is gone.

Answer choice (B), as we have also seen, tells us where T and P go (6 and 7, respectively), but not the exact order of L, N, O, and S. So it's out.

Answer choice (C) is closer, since it gives us the MTP in 5-7 placement (the other option won't work, as L would have to go in 2 and then there's no place for O). But we still don't know exactly what happens earlier than the N 4, as the L/O __ O/L block order isn't set. So (C) gets us down to two options (below), but not a single outcome. It's gone.

..... L S O N M T P
..... O S L N M T P

Answer choice (D) is another that is close, but not perfect. With O in 3 we know the MTP block is 5-7, and L must be in 1. But we don't know what happens with N and S in 2 and 4! Like (C), we're down to two options...but that's not good enough:

..... L N O S M T P
..... L S O N M T P

Answer choice (E), however, tells you everything. If S is first, we know straight away the MTP block are in 5-7 (P must be in 7 if something else takes 1). That leaves L, N, and O for 2, 3, and 4. The L/O __ O/L block has to fill spots 2 and 4, and to keep L ahead of N, L must be in 2. That puts N in 3, O in 4, and everyone has a fixed placement:

..... S L N O M T P

Tough question to end the game, but nothing you can't handle :)
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