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#19 - Marc: The fact that the people of our country look

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Complete Question Explanation

Must Be True. The correct answer choice is (D)

This Must be True question is somewhat unusual because the question stem asks what Marc and Robert
agree about rather than what is proven true by their statements. However, the same principles that apply
to other Must be True questions apply here: the correct answer choice will come directly from the
information provided in the stimulus and no new information can be introduced. The only additional
consideration is that the correct answer must be agreed upon by both Marc and Robert.

Marc says that the people of his country are nostalgic because they regret the recent revolution. Robert
agrees that the people are nostalgic but not because of the recent revolution. He implies that the people
may prefer the current situation to the pre-revolutionary regime, but do not prefer it to the situation
before that regime. Both Marc and Robert agree that there was a revolution, but this is unlikely to be the
correct answer choice. They also agree that the people of their country are not completely satisfied with
the current situation and feel nostalgia for the past. This agreement is best expressed by answer choice

Answer choice (A): Neither Marc nor Robert suggests that the people of their country should not be
nostalgic or that the people have mistaken impressions of the past.

Answer choice (B): Being nostalgic does not necessarily mean looking to past for solutions; it could
simply be a way to find comfort. Marc and Robert are discussing the cause of the nostalgia, not the
purpose of it. One cannot infer that they would both agree with this statement.

Answer choice (C): This answer choice goes one step further than answer choice (B). It suggests a
possible negative consequence of being nostalgic to find solutions for current problems. The stimulus
provides even less support for this answer choice than for the previous answer choice, as neither Marc
nor Robert indicates that the people are likely to repeat former mistakes.

Answer choice (D): This is the correct answer choice. Marc says that the people “regret the
revolution” and Robert says “they are troubled.” Both phrases indicate the people’s dissatisfaction with
the current situation and this dissatisfaction is manifested in their nostalgia.

Answer choice (E): Marc believes that the nostalgia of his country’s people is for the period before the
recent revolution and Robert believe that this feeling is directed at the more distant past. Neither of these
beliefs implies a correlation between the amount of nostalgia and the amount of time past. There is no
mention of the degree of nostalgia in the stimulus so this answer choice cannot be correct.