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Hi. Just to clarify.

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I know I should not post so much copyrighted content directly in the web, so plz delete it when you can plz.

I promised I will buy 2017 RC version and I will, but before I buy 2017 version, I want to master 2016 RC completely before then buy 2017 version.

Anyways, yesterday, I was making a Q-Card and practiced the concepts in order to train myself Logic Bible philosophies and techniques as my second-nature whenever I handle any LSAT problems.

Then in 2016 version of pg 181, I became little confused of the following paragraph, (The rock bottom one)

"In both the specific and global versions, these questions are similar to the Method of Reasoning questions in the Logical reasoning section, but THEY are generally broader.Given that you must track structures as you read.........."

Now, what is you referring as "THEY"? RC's Must be True subtype Organization questions OR Method of Reasoning in Logical Reasoning section?

I just want to have crystal clear understanding so I can make the correct habit and nature. Sorry for the trivial trouble.

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Hi, Lathlee,

Good job paying close attention to detail!

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Or you might consider tutoring depending on your analysis of your progress. We are happy to help in any way possible, and we're here to answer your questions irrespective of which (if any) PowerScore products or services you purchase.

To answer your specific question, "they" refers to the Passage Organization questions on Reading Comprehension; in other words, Organization questions on Reading Comp are similar to Method of Reasoning questions in LR but Organization questions tend to be broader in scope.

Not trivial at all, and thanks for the question!