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#21- The new perfume Aurora smells worse to Joan than

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I got C for an correct answer, but because I thought it was a MBT, I approached it differently than if I had been looking for a Flaw. (It's listed as a MBT in the PowerScore Question Type Training I book). I would like to confirm my reasoning:

A. Conclusion of "defect of smell" because of premise: "PJ prefers smell and she's worlds foremost expert on psych of smell" does not indicate A that NONE of Joan's friends is an expert on psych of smell. Maybe they are experts but not the foremost expert.

C. Correct because "none of Joan's friends likes the smell of Aurora AS MUCH AS the smell of other perfumes", Joan's friends like it less than other perfumes. While "Professor J prefers the smell MORE THAN any other perfume" Therefore, PJ can't be one of Joan's friends because NONE of her friends like it as much as other ones.

Also the question stem "information presented in support of the conclusion" is referring to INFERRING information from the premise that directly supports the conclusion? Or am I reading too much into that?

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Hi Jennuine,

This question is a Flaw in the Reasoning question, and Kelsey's analysis I think does a pretty good job explaining the approach.

In terms of your reasoning on A and C, I'm a little confused with each of those; would you mind expanding a bit more so I can make sure to explain it in a way that will be helpful to you?

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A. I thought A was incorrect because you cannot infer that none of Joan's friends is an expert on the physiology of smell. One of her friends might be an expert, but just not as big of a deal as Professor Jameson who is the world's foremost expert on it.

I just realized I might be looking at a different version of a similar problem! (I'm looking at PowerScore Question Type Training Logical Reasoning 2016 - MBT, Page 40, Question #64)

My question stem asks "from the information presented in support of the conclusion, it can be properly inferred that" which sounds like a MBT

The correct answer in the Question Training Type book also states that C is the correct answer. Kelsey said the correct answer choice was D but in my book D says "none of Joan's friends likes Aurora perfume", which is not an appeal to authority. Also in the Powerscore supplied answer sheet it says question #64 is a MBT - October 1994, LR 2, #21 ... 0Types.pdf
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Hi Jennuine,

Thanks for your response.

We are definitely looking at different questions (or at least at different versions of the same question). The one that Kelsey and Emily and I are referring to has a different question stem than the one to which you are referring; ours is a flaw, and you are correct that the one you mention is a MBT. Our correct answer choice is definitely D; it sounds like yours is C.

I hope that clarifies the situation somewhat.
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I'm going to toss a quick note in here:

In this LR section, there were two questions that related to this one stimulus about Aurora perfume:

..... #20 was a Flaw in the reasoning question

..... #21 was a Must Be True question

Since this thread is about #20, this is about the Flaw question. It seems that a student above thought this was #21 and started asking about the Must Be True question, and that became a bit confusing. We're going to separate this out into two threads and clean it up, and then answer the Flaw questions.

A simple explanation, but once it was confused it made this thread rather confusing. We'll get it fixed asap. Thanks!
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I am trying to find an explanation for #64 from the 2017 LSAT Logical Reasoning Question Type Training Chapter Two. The linked answer key shows this is Question #21 from the 1st Logical Reasoning section in October 1994. ( ... LR%20TT%20)

Since this is a Must Be True question, I used the fact test to pick the right answer.

A - Only know the opinion of one expert on the physiology of smell, Professor Jameson.
B - Only know that Joan thinks the perfume Aurora smells worse to her than any comparably priced perfume.
C - Correct answer. We can combine "none of her friends like it as much as other perfumes" with "Professor Jameson prefers the smell of tit to that of any other perfume"
D - Only know that none of her friends like it as much as other perfumes.
E - Not mentioned in the stimulus
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Yes, using the fact test approach works here. Kudos on finding the right answer!
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Could someone please clarify why answer choice A is incorrect? I understand why C is the correct answer, but I don't completely understand why answer choice A is incorrect.
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Hi km,

Answer Choice (A) might be true or it might be false. There is no basis for making this inference from the stimulus. We can properly infer that Professor Jameson is not one of Joan's friends of course, but the stimulus does not tell us anything about Joan's friends' expertise in the physiology of smell. Maybe one of them is an expert? Who knows?

Thanks for the great question and I hope this helps! :-D