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#6- Lourdes: Dietary fiber is an important part of a

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I came across this problem in the LR Question Type Training and I was stumped because Answer Choice A just seemed to be too obvious so I spent a lot of time trying to see which of the other four answers could be correct. This question seems atypical of the more recent LR questions. I feel as though A would be given as a trick (albeit with a flaw) in a more recent exam. Would this be fair to say?
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When reading the stimulus, your reaction was probably that the conclusion depends on how much fiber adults are eating. Answer choice (A) attacks the conclusion by pointing out that they are eating too little fiber, so telling them to eat less fiber would be a bad recommendation.

The LSAT has easier questions as well as harder questions. You should not be surprised when you encounter easier questions with obvious answers near the beginning of a section. You should still eliminate the wrong choices, but it is not true that recent tests contain clearly right answer choices are traps. Instead, be aggressive but still careful enough that you do not misinterpret a stimulus or answer choice.