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Mini-Passage 4, pg. 237

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Hi There,

I missed most of the questions on this mini-passage, but in particular I don't understand the reasoning for the correct answer in question #2, regarding the role played by the argument in lines 6-8.

Although I kept answer choice D as a possibility, I ultimately went with answer choice C. I did not choose answer choice D because I felt the author did not go so far as to make a RECOMMENDATION anywhere in the mini-passage. :-?

Any additional insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Emily Haney-Caron
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Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the question! I completely agree with you that it feels like the passage stops just short of making a recommendation, and I understand how that makes D frustrating! In some ways, this is a case of "You're looking for the best answer, not the perfect answer." A, B, C, and E are all much more problematic than D. For C, the reason is that the "summary" of the position the argument discredits is the phrase beginning, "Increased consumption of meat and meat by-products pose..." The lines referenced here provides support for that position, but are not themselves the position. Does that make sense?