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#2 - Jake: Companies have recently introduced antibacterial

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Complete Question Explanation

Point of Agreement. The correct answer choice is (A)

In this dialogue, Jake discusses antibacterial cleaning products that can be used on household surfaces such as floors and countertops. Jake says that to minimize household bacteria, people should use products containing such antibacterial agents:

    Premise: ..... Companies now offer cleaners that kill bacteria on household surfaces.

    Conclusion: ..... If people want to keep household bacteria to a minimum, they should use such products.

In response, Karolinka objects, pointing out that such antibacterial agents can have detrimental effects as well, since bacteria that survive such products can develop antibiotic-resistant strains. Karolinka concludes that household cleaners should not include antibiotic agents among their ingredients.

    Premise: ..... Antibacterial agents can lead surviving bacteria to develop strains that can resist antibiotics.

    Conclusion: ..... Antibacterial agents should not be used in household cleaners.

The question that follows asks for the choice that provides a point on which the two speakers agree. Although Karolinka disagrees with Jake’s assertion that antibacterial agents should be used in household cleaners, the two speakers do agree that the agents kill bacteria (it is the next step in the process that concerns Karolinka).

Answer choice (A): This is the correct answer choice. As prephrased in the discussion above, the speakers agree that antibacterials agents can kill common household bacteria, confirming this as the correct answer to this Point of Agreement question.

Answer choice (B): Neither speaker discusses the relative effectiveness of the antibacterial agents against dirt, so the stimulus cannot confirm that either speaker would agree with this statement, and this choice should be ruled out of contention.

Answer choice (C): This choice discusses how antibacterial agents can produce strains of bacteria with antibiotic resistance, which is a fact that Karolinka points out in response to Jake. Since Jake does not comment on the issue, however, there is no way to confirm that both speakers would agree with this statement, and it cannot be the right answer choice.

Answer choice (D): In the dialogue presented, the speakers do not discuss whether or not they consider common household bacteria to be a serious health concern. Since the stimulus provides no information about either speaker’s opinion regarding this issue, it cannot be the right answer to this Point of Agreement question.

Answer choice (E): This is an Opposite Answer, since this is the point at issue between the two speakers, and if you read the question too quickly, you might have found this choice appealing. The main point at issue between the two speakers concerns the advisability of using antibacterial agents in household cleaning; Jake thinks it’s a good idea, Karolinka disagrees. Since this is clearly not a point of agreement between the speakers, this answer can be confidently ruled out of contention.