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#2 - Klein: The fact that the amount of matter that we have

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Complete Question Explanation

Point at Issue. The correct answer choice is (D)

Klein argues that we should abandon Einstein’s view, because we have found in our galaxy only one-tenth of the matter predicted by Einstein to exist in the galaxy. Understanding Brown’s response to this view is a bit more complicated.

Brown does not disagree with Klein’s premise regarding the amount of matter that has been found, nor does Brown take issue with the fact that this amount of matter is only one-tenth of what was predicted. Instead, Brown disagrees with what we should conclude from that evidence. And, while it is not stated explicitly, an inherent implication of Brown’s position that we have not yet found most of the matter in the galaxy is that we should not abandon Einstein’s theory for the reason proposed by Klein.

The question that follows asks us to identify the Point as Issue between Klein and Brown. Our prephrase is that they disagree about whether we should abandon Einstein’s theory. Klein clearly believes there is good reason to do so, while we can infer that Brown disagrees.

Answer choice (A): Klein and Brown agree that scientists have found only one-tenth of the matter that Einstein’s theory predicts. Their disagreement involves what to conclude from that fact.

Answer choice (B): Nothing in this stimulus indicates that Klein would agree with this statement. Determining Brown’s view is tricker. While Brown mentioned Einstein’s great successes, the number of successes to which Brown refers is uncertain. The term “many” implies a large, but indefinite number. Although Brown referenced Einstein’s great successes, it is not necessarily the case that Brown would agree there were many successes. However, in practical terms, it is not necessary to determine whether Brown would agree with the statement that Einstein’s theory has achieved many successes, because the absence of any position on the matter by Klein renders this answer choice incorrect.

Answer choice (C): Neither speaker addresses whether it is possible to determine the amount of matter in our galaxy without relying on Einstein’s theory. While Klein supports abandoning the theory, this view does not inherently imply that Klein believes it is possible to determine the amount of matter in the galaxy using some other approach. It may be the case that Klein would say it is not possible to determine the amount.

Answer choice (D): This is the correct answer choice. As discussed above, Klein says there is good reason to abandon Einstein’s theory due to the failure to find all of the matter predicted by it, while we may infer that Brown would disagree.

Answer choice (E): It appears that Klein would agree that scientists are able to accurately judge the amount of matter that has been found in our galaxy, because Klein refers to the amount of matter found as good reason to abandon Einstein’s theory. Brown does not express an opinion regarding the accuracy of the judgement regarding the amount of matter that has been found.