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Infer question

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I think this is the question I missed points the most...
Sometimes we have to combine different information that are located in different sentences.
How can we attack this type of question efficiently?
Do you re-read the whole passage or answer by elimination or memory or...

Thank you
Kristina Moen
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Hi 15veries,

I may need more information to answer this question in a way that's most helpful to you. However, PowerScore has created a tool called VIEWSTAMP, which will allow you to focus on specific components of each reading comprehension passage so that you can understand the bigger picture of the passage. VIEWSTAMP stands for viewpoint, structure, tone, argument, and main point. In particular, identifying the structure of the passage will give you a "road map" for where to look in the passage in order to answer the questions. You will usually find line references in the RC answer key of any PowerScore book. For almost every answer choice you select, you should be able to identify where you got that answer choice in the passage (rarely, there is a question that asks you to provide new information, such as a Strengthen or Weaken question). You should never have to rely on memory to answer a RC question. It's an open book test! :-D

I'm happy to expand on this post if you tell me a bit more about where you are struggling.