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How do we go back to the passage to find the answer for this question "The passage provides info to answer which one of them"?
Do you answer those questions by memory?
Should we read answer choices beforehand if we want to read questions first?
(since modern RC requires more active reading I thought reading questions first would be helpful?)
do you read/skim the whole passage again to find the answer?
What type of questions worth to read before reading passages?

Thank you
Adam Tyson
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Great question, 15v, because those questions are virtually impossible to prephrase! Here's my approach:

1) Keep in mind the Main Point, Tone, and the author's Viewpoint
2) Sort the answers into losers and contenders primarily by memory. Anything I am not certain is a loser (lacks any support, conflicts with main point, etc.), I keep as a contender.
3) Return to the passage seeking some evidence to support one of my contenders, and when I find some, I pick that answer

This can be very time consuming if you end up with three or more contenders, so it requires a good solid grasp of those big ideas like Main Point and Tone, as those are what will help you quickly and confidently eliminate most losers. It can sometimes help to skip these questions until you've answered the others, because you may have a better grasp of the overall passage after a few more specific questions have been addressed and you have gone back to the passage for other reasons, improving your understanding overall.

No magic wand for these, 15 - they are solved largely by brute force. Do what you can to narrow it down, then you're off and hunting. Ideally, your notes will help you narrow your search to certain areas of the passage. An answer choice may be clearly about one narrow part of the passage, so you go to where that part of the discussion took place, using your notes as a guide.

Good luck!
Adam M. Tyson
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