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#5 - Recently, many traffic lights and street markings were

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I ended up choosing the correct answer for this one and I understand why B is correct but I want to know why E is wrong?

Is E wrong because even though drivers were given a notice about the traffic lights and street markings being removed wouldn't it reduce the traffic? Sure it's possible that they would be more cautious when driving through there but I think it's possible that it would reduce traffic and the drivers would take another route instead

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Be careful about "helping" answer choices, Chica! Answer E doesn't tell us that drivers took other routes once they knew about the signage being removed, so don't add in that extra info to try and make it work. Instead, be a bit more aggressive and skeptical about the answer and ask yourself "so what?" So what if they had advance notice - why does that mean fewer accidents? Did they pay closer attention, drive more carefully, take another route, or did they just do like they always do and they got lucky? Since E doesn't tell us more, we can't pick it.

Besides, isn't answer B so much better, because it actually explains what people did differently? Looked at that way, even if we like E because it MIGHT help explain things, answer B DOES help explain things. Answer E doesn't have to be "wrong", it just has to be not the best answer, which it isn't. There's very little right and wrong in this test - rather, there's better and worse, and we want better. Shift your focus to that analysis and I think you'll find the "right" answers become much clearer.

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