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#4- Many corporations have begun decorating their halls with

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Dear Powerscore,

Can you please explain question 4 on section 3 of 2007 June test?

On question 4, I was in between A and E, but I choose E


Adam Tyson
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I see the attraction of answer A, Camila, and I am guessing that you looked at it as a possible example of "where the cause is present, the effect is present", or something similar?

The problem with answer A, however, is that it addresses the wrong corporations. Take another look at the author's conclusion here - she limits herself to "these" corporations, saying that "these" corporations won't get the effect they were trying to get. It's not relevant what happens in other corporations, the ones that do not use the posters!

Glad to see you selected the correct answer - that's obviously what counts in the long run. For now, though, learn what you can about why you were drawn to A in the first place, and how you can more quickly and easily dispose of such an answer later. That will lead to greater confidence and accuracy, and also to a more efficient use of time, which might allow you to answer a few more questions before time runs out than otherwise. It's important to study not only the questions that you miss, but also the ones that you got right only after some struggle. Improving your understanding of those will help reduce those struggles and make the whole experience easier and will lead to a higher score.

Nice work, keep it up!
Adam M. Tyson
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