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#15 - Dr. Godfrey: Now that high school students are allowed

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Complete Question Explanation

Method of Reasoning—CE. The correct answer choice is (B)

Dr. Nash makes his/her argument by saying that the reason that students seek work is because of their low grades. This is a direct contradiction of the relationship presented by Godfrey: students get low grades because they work.

Answer choice (A): Nash does not dismiss the seriousness of the problems, but rather reverses the relationship presented by Godfrey.

Answer choice (B): This is the correct answer choice. Nash does not dispute the evidence given (more work; lower grades), but merely suggests an alternative/opposite explanation for it.

Answer choice (C): Again, Nash does not dispute the evidence, only the interpretation of it.

Answer choice (D): Nash never discusses the role that schools play in the situation.

Answer choice (E): Nash states that there is a relationship: low grades cause students to seek work.