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#2 - Although Samantha likes both oolong and green tea

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Complete Question Explanation

Cannot Be True-FL. The correct answer choice is (E)

This stimulus does not contain an argument/conclusion per se, but instead is merely a series of premises about Samantha and her friends. We are told that Samantha likes both oolong and green tea, but none of her friends like both (some might like one or the other, but none have the exact same preferences as Samantha). Finally, we are told that all of her friends like black tea (Samantha may or may not like black tea).

The question stem says that all of the answers could be true EXCEPT for one, meaning that the correct answer choice Cannot be True. All that we can determine with certainty from this stimulus is that Samantha’s tea preferences are different from all of her friends (she does not have the exact same tastes as any of them), so what is proven impossible by this is that she and at least one of her friends like the exact same teas.

Answer choice (A): As stated previously, we cannot know anything about Samantha and black tea, so this answer choice is not disproven by the stimulus.

Answer choice (B): The stimulus says that none of her friends like BOTH green tea and oolong tea, but some (or all) of them could like one of the two.

Answer choice (C): It is entirely possible that two or more of Samantha’s friends have the same tea preference as each other; what is impossible is that any of her friends have the exact same preference as Samantha.

Answer choice (D): As discussed for answer choice (B), all that we know is that none of her friends like both green and oolong tea. So it is possible that one of her friends does not like either one (dislikes both).

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice. As mentioned above, we know that because Samantha likes both green tea and oolong tea, and because none of her friends like both, it is impossible for Samantha and any of her friends to like the exact same kinds of tea.