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#12 - Yang: Yeast has long been known to be a leaven, that

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Complete Question Explanation

Method of Reasoning. The correct answer choice is (B)

In this dialogue, Yang presents a rather unconvincing argument: Since biblical evidence shows the use of leavening back in 1200 B.C., Yang concludes that yeast was known to be a leaven during that era. Campisi questions this conclusion, pointing out that there could have been other leavens used during that era.

The question requires that we find the answer choice which best describes Campisi’s counter to Yang. Correct answer choice (B) describes Campisi’s method: the underlying presumption which Campisi questions is Yang’s assumption that if leavening was used in 1200 B.C., it must have been yeast which was used.

Answer choice (A) is incorrect, because Campisi provides no suggestion to support Yang’s conclusion, and no other evidence either. Answer choice (C) is incorrect, because Yang’s reasoning is considered, and then the conclusion was questioned. Answer choice (D) is wrong because Yang’s evidence would not support the contrary conclusion—that is, there would be no reason to conclude, based on Yang’s evidence, that they definitely didn’t know about yeast in 1200 B.C. Answer choice (E) is incorrect, because Campisi does not question Yang’s evidence—only Yang’s underlying presumption and thus, Yang’s conclusion.