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Setup and Rule Diagrams

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Setup and Rule Diagram Explanation

This is an Advanced Linear Game: Balanced.

From the game scenario, we know the following:

June 05_game #2_M12_L4_explanations_game#2_setup_diagram_1.png
June 05_game #2_M12_L4_explanations_game#2_setup_diagram_1.png (4.99 KiB) Viewed 1457 times

From a setup standpoint, there is little to diagram and thus you should focus on the two open rules in the game: the dual-option on Tape 1 and the RF not-block.
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Dear Powerscore,

I am confused as to why there are two variables of each in this game such as FF JJ RR and HH. I have read the explanations on this game, but it does not say anything about it. I guess I am confused with the first rule: could you clarify it.

I had no problem doing the questions, it is just I wanted to make sure I understand the rules and can write them correctly next time.

Also, do we have to do dual options in this game? Does it matter if we place the variable on the upper or lower side? It just seems to be only one tape and there is no side A or side B to it. It just seems to be very similar to a grouping game than if there is no side preference.


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The reason why we have 2 variables of each in this game is that each genre is found on exactly two of the eight sides (first rule). Hence, we have 2 F's, 2 J's, 2 R's, and 2 H's. It's easier to keep track of them if we just list each variable separately, as in FFJJRRHH. That way, you can cross each variable out the moment you plug in somewhere - visually it's an easier way to keep track of them.

And you're correct - there is no distinction between side A and B, and it does not matter if you place the variable on the upper or the lower stack.

Hope you're enjoying the class!

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I'm still confused by the terminology in rule #4, which states "Folk is not on any tape numbered exactly one higher than a tape that has any rock on it". I realize Powerscore diagrams this rule as a not "RF" block, but I thought this rule actually meant a not "FR" block. Would you mind breaking down the English in this rule? Even as a native English speaker, this rule sounds like Yoda's language and I feel bewildered. I also encountered this same issue with rule #1, although that rule was easier to untangle. Thank you very much, Powerscore!
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Hey J,

Thanks for the question! Rules that deal with ordering and numbering positions can be very tricky, and in both the LGB and our courses we address this issue since it's so confusing. Here's how it works:

    When talking about numbering: 2 is higher than 1, 3 is higher than 2, etc.

    When talking about rankings: 1 is higher than 2, 2 is higher than 3, etc.

Ok, so that means in this game that the first situation applies. For example, then, if R were on Tape 2, would F be knocked out of Tape 1 or 3? In this case, 3 is numbered 1 higher than 2, so F could be 3. That means RF is impossible, and since that holds for all placements of R, we get an RF not-block.

Please let me know if that helps. Thanks!
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I'm still a bit confused regarding the setup for Tape 1.
The first rule states "each genre is found on exactly two of the eight side." As you have explained previously, this means each tape has 2 of each genre (2 folks, hip-hop, jazz, and rock). Okay, makes sense.
The second rule goes on to say that Tape 1 has neither hip-hop nor rock, but has jazz. So this means it could also have F. Got it.

But why do you put a slack on the second row to indicate J OR F ("J/F")? Also so it's correct to assume that since there was one J, there'll be another?

Thanks for the help!!
Malila Robinson
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Hi sa3334,
Tape one (just like the other 3 tapes) includes 2 sides, neither side can have hip-hop or rock. So if one side definitely has jazz the other side can have either jazz or folk (j/f), since it can't have hip-hop or rock.
Hope that helps!