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#22 - Most children find it very difficult to explain

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Complete Question Explanation

Strengthen-PR. The correct answer choice is (D)

The conclusion in this stimulus is that understanding what a word means does not depend on being able to explain it. The evidence for this conclusion is that children are able to properly use words to convey their feelings (things that cannot be touched/seen), even though those children may not be able to explain exactly what those words mean. To strengthen this argument, recognize that the idea of “understanding” is new in the conclusion, and to support it we need to show that using a word properly indicates an understanding of what that word actually means.

Answer choice (A): This does not address understanding, so it cannot be correct.

Answer choice (B): This stimulus is about NOT being able to explain what a word means, so this answer choice does not address the scenario in the stimulus.

Answer choice (C): Again, this answer does not address the new term “understanding,” so it cannot be correct.

Answer choice (D): This is the correct answer choice. As noted above, this answer choice connects the idea of using a word properly with understanding what that word means.

Answer choice (E): Again, to support this conclusion you need to address the new term it contains (“understanding”), and since this answer does not do that it cannot be correct.