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CAS International Transcript evaluation

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I am an international student and currently have a GPA of 3.34. My undergraduate institution graded us on a basis of absolute grading rather than relative grading normally followed in USA. The grading scale is from A (92-100) to C- (60-63). The grading scale on the LSAC website is significantly different and would lower by GPA to 2.7.

Does CAS have a different criteria for evaluating international transcripts or am I at a loss here?
Adam Tyson
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Hey there, Sofia, thanks for your question. I'm going to point you to a couple other resources that may help you, but the short answer is that CAS has experience with international applicants with different grading schemes, and you should not worry too much about the GPA conversion. You may want to consider including an addendum in your application explaining the grading scale and your class rank and general performance.

Here are a couple links with more info for you: ... cated-apps

If you learn more in the application process that you think might benefit others in a similar situation, please do come back and share that information here!

Thanks, and best of luck with your application.
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Totally agree with Adam's advice here! I'll add to it that one of the best and most reliable ways to get answers to LSAC's policies is to call them directly. They're generally pretty helpful when it comes to helping applicants make sense of CAS.
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