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#22 - Global Reference, Must Be True, Main Point

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Hi, I had a hard time choosing between B and C on this question. Can someone explain the difference between the two? Thanks!
Jonathan Evans
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Great question! It is difficult to discern the difference between these two answers. The distinction is one of degree:

  • Answer choice (B) discusses what happens when scientists fail to replicate experiments. If a scientist fails to replicate a result, this failure might be due to this "riddled basin of attraction" metaphor/phenomenon.
  • Answer choice (C) makes a much stronger statement, that experimental results in general cannot be replicated because of this riddled basin of attraction phenomenon.

In other words, (B) limits itself to situations in which replication has been unsuccessful. (C) makes a broader, more extreme claim. This difference in degree provides a good tool for contrasting these two answer choices and determining which one is better supported by the text. In this case, we can find evidence in lines 54 to the end of the passage (which is where the author states the thesis): when scientists fail to replicate experiments, it might be because of this principle illustrated in the riddled basins of attraction.

This statement is a pretty good match for answer choice (B). Answer choice (C) goes beyond what the text supports and is too extreme/out of scope.

I hope this helps!