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#5- A government agency publishes ratings of airlines,

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I picked E. The reason I picked it is because the stimulus says at the end:

"in meeting published flight schedules"

I only had B and E as contenders.

I understand that the stimulus says it was measuring the "efficiency of different airlines' personnel," but my thought process is this....

You want to get to the area according to the "published flight schedule" and WHAT IF the airline you took was on average 12 minutes late, every flight.

It does not say how often these weather conditions are affecting one airport versus another. Why should I think they will drastically change anything in the results. Perhaps "objective" and "personnel" are the keys to this question.

Does the question stem demand a different approach, since it says "tend to invalidate use" and I should make a mental note of that phrase?

It just seemed that it would be too easy for a flight to be consistently late, but never over 15 minutes late. Another flight could be early/on time usually and have a few incidents where they are over 15 minutes late and then all of a sudden they look way worse, but it is actually the other flight that is always 10 minutes late.

If the thought process I had is entirely bad, let me know. Any tips are appreciated.
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Hi Mrcheese,
This is sort of a classic LSAT question where many of the answers are incorrect for the same reason: If it affects all (of the things you are talking about) then it doesn't really matter to the discussion.

So for example in the Answer E, it means that all flights are considered late if they are more than 15 minutes past their scheduled arrival. This would affect all airports which means it would not help to distinguish one airport from another in terms of a personnel issue.

Answer B is different because it states that the issue of weather affects some airlines more than others, so that would invalidate the personnel issue because even if the personnel were all equally as efficient, the weather may slow down some airports more than others.
Hope that helps!