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Difference between the current edition and previous edition

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Dear Powerscore,

Is there a significant difference between this new 2013 edition and the 2008 edition? I purchased the 2008 edition.

For the new format of the logic games, when I diagram my main diagram for each logic game, I am unsure as to if it's better to diagram it in the first page of the game or the second page.

Dave Killoran
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Hi Donger,

There are significant differences between all prior versions of the LSAT Logic Games Bible and the major revision version that was first released in 2013 (and which has been updated twice since, in more much minor fashion). Most importantly, there are over 225 pages of new material in the current version compared to the 2008 version.

Here's is the basic release info about the 2013 LSAT Logic Games Bible that I posted when it first came out: ... e-for-2013.

In the comments section below that post, a student asked about the differences between the old and new versions. Here's my response, which you may find helpful:

    Thanks for the question. The two versions are significantly different, so let me try to address some of those differences. First, nothing in the 2008 version is "wrong" or somehow inapplicable to today's LSAT. But, that said, the new book is a significant improvement over the prior versions, in my opinion. I think the difference is worth it, but I know it's not cheap.

    As a brief overview, the most important pieces of the additional 228 pages are the expansions of the concept discussions, and the new drills. I also took the feedback of students over the years to make improvements in the way certain things were explained, and took the opportunity to address some questions that had come up a few times. In other words, aside from being more comprehensive, it's also cleaner and more helpful.

    If it helps, the feedback from students who have both editions is that the new one is worth buying.

A good example of the kind of differences we are talking about is that Rule Substitution questions aren't addressed in the 2008 version but they are addressed extensively in the 2013 and later editions. This is because Rule Substitution questions had never appeared when the older editions were released, whereas now there are usually 1 or 2 per test. And, the answer to the question you ask is also included, which is that we recommend you put your diagram on the first page.

Please let me know if that helps. Thanks!
Dave Killoran
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