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#12- Researcher: We studied two groups of subjects over a

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Yes it does answer my question, thank you. What mainly threw me off was the phrase in answer choice E - "just before bedtime" while the stimulus was refererring to afternoon exercise.

Also, I felt like we were ignoring the fact that warm water especially right before bed can actually have an adverse effect from what the argument states - "extra heat induces deeper sleep".

I felt like it was new information that is open to many weakeners but the answer like you said is worded very specifically to cover all their tracks. "Raising body temperature slightly".........."will likely result in increased deeper sleep". This answer choice clearly reflects the argument in the stimulus.

But if they were to say that "a warm bath induces deeper sleep" vs what is actually said I think it will not be a solid choice but obviously it will the best in comparison to the other answer choices. So it was tricky although at first seemed to be one of the easiest ones (at least for me), thanks again.
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Hi Powerscore!

Dave, in an earlier post, said this question is considered an "idea umbrella." Does that mean if an argument talks about cats, and our answer choice talks about black cats then it is correct. So going from something larger in scope to something smaller scope is okay, but would not apply vice-versa because it would be considered out of scope. Such as, if the stimulus is talking about black cats, but a trap answer choice would talk about all animals- then that would be considered out of scope?

Thanks a lot!
Adam Tyson
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Correct, lunsandy! We see that concept of Dave's "idea umbrella" in a lot of LR stimuli and answer choices. You may have come across a problem in one of our lessons about "sophisticated tools", and an answer choice (the correct one) talks about "advanced hunting weapons". Weapons are tools, so they fit under that idea umbrella, but many students don't see that at first because they imagine tools to be things found in a toolbox, like hammers and saws and wrenches, instead of in a gun safe or an archery supply store or on the local National Guard parade ground.

Another commonly tested idea umbrella is when the authors tell us something about "animals" and then makes a conclusion about "humans". On these, we have to check our egos at the door and accept that humans ARE animals! (Except for those who are vegetables, such as some politicians, or minerals, like my Uncle Rudy who is as dumb as a box of rocks).

What is true of all tests is true of the LSAT, but what is true of the LSAT is not necessarily true of all tests. What is true of all humans may not be true of all animals, but what is true of all animals is definitely true of all humans (and all black cats and all mauve velociraptors and yes, even my dear Uncle Rudy, bless his heart).

Well done, my friend! Keep it up!
Adam M. Tyson
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Thanks Adam that was very helpful! :)
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Dear Powerscore,

I have a question about answer choice D. If we modified the answer to "no one in the control group experienced a rise in body temperature :longline: slightly until after bedtime" will it be a correct answer?
Malila Robinson
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Hi Chian9010,
I'm not sure that would work grammatically, but what it sounds like you are suggesting is that the people in the control group would be experiencing a rise in body temperature after they were already in bed/possibly already asleep. And that goes beyond the info we are presented with in the stimulus which is talking about raising body temperature right before bedtime.

Hope that helps!