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#22 - In a study, one group of volunteers was fed a

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Just to be clear, (E) weakens the argument because it implies that you can lose body fat with a low-protein diet high-carb diet, you just might not notice because of the water weight that is gained. That means that a high-protein diet could actually be less effective against fat, even if it makes someone lose weight. Is that correct?
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I think you mean answer choice (A) A low-protein, high-carbohydrate diet causes the human body to retain water, the added weight of which largely compensates for the weight of any body fat lost, whereas a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet does not.

This weakens the causal link between low carb and fat loss in the conclusion:the most effective way to lose body fat is to eat much protein and shun carbohydrates.

The problem is the low carb diet caused more weight loss, but (A) shows a reason why it might not have caused more fat loss---because of the retained water on the high carb diet.

I hope this helps:) Let me know if you need further explanation.