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#25 - Interior decorator: All coffeehouses and restaurants

Daniel Stern
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I think your analysis is fine, especially with the limited time. You diagrammed the two statements that you did diagram correctly, and you got to the right answer, so that is a good approach to take.

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Thanks Dan.
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Hi PowerScore Staff,

I successfully got this right, but I am not sure why C is wrong as I go back through it.

I made the inferences to get to D, and eliminated A, B, and E. But isn't it still true that a well-designed coffeehouse will feature artwork?

The post above says, "Answer choice (C): Since the stimulus has not established that coffeehouses are well-designed public spaces, this application of the formal logical from the second sentence is not supported"
While I agree that the stimulus doesn't directly link coffeeshops to well designed, if it is supposed by an answer choice, isn't it possible that they are well designed? And if so, it must feature artwork. What am I missing?
Ben DiFabbio
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Hi Deck,

In this Must Be True question, answer choice (C) is unsupported because the stimulus doesn't allow us to draw any conclusions about the proportion of well designed coffee houses that feature artwork, since "well designed coffee houses" is a numerically undefined subset of "well defined public places."

The stimulus tells us that all coffee houses and restaurants are public places, and that most well designed public places feature artwork.

Let's assume, for the purpose of this example, that there are 100 public places in the universe, 10 of which are coffee houses. Even if all 100 of those public places are well-designed, it's still possible for 51 (i.e. most) of those public places to feature artwork, while all 10 of the coffee houses fall in the remaining 49 that have bare, boring, artless walls.

I hope that helps, and happy studying!

- Ben DiFabbio
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Well Designed (Public Place) (Most) → Feature Artwork
Well Designed (Public Place) → Comfortable (Public Place) → Spacious Interiors (Public Place)

While this cannot be linked any further into the chain, can it be inferred that some comfortable public spaces feature artwork (or some public places with spacious interiors feature artwork)?
Comfortable (Public Place) (Some) → Feature Artwork
Spacious Interiors (Public Place) (Some) → Feature Artwork

For review, I would like to ask whether the chain would be able to be linked if the relationship for featured artwork were reversed, as shown below:
Feature Artwork (Most) → Well Designed (Public Place)
Well Designed (Public Place) → Comfortable (Public Place) → Spacious Interiors (Public Place)
Feature Artwork (Most) → Well Designed (Public Place) → Comfortable (Public Place) → Spacious Interiors (Public Place)