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#17 - City leader: If our city adopts the new tourism plan

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Is B wrong because of the differences in quantity and scope between what the city leader says-- "an automobile manufacturer"-- and what answer choice B says-- "manufacturing companies"? I am having trouble eliminating B.

Brook Miscoski
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This is a must be true question, so the right answer choice should be supported by the stimulus.

Looking at (B), that choice makes a claim about manufacturing plants in general.

Because the stimulus only talked about one kind of manufacturing plant, choice (B) is unsupported. For MBT questions, the right choice should not go beyond the scope of the information presented in the stimulus. You are correct in your reason for eliminating (B).

You can also point out that the author of the stimulus appears to have considered the jobs that one specific plant will provide, whereas there is no indication that is a criteria in (B). I don't feel you need to do that, because it is just a more specific version of the same reason to eliminate the choice.
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Hi Powerscore! All I wanted to know is that had this been a must be true question, what would the correct answer choice be?
Robert Carroll
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If this were a Must Be True question, no answer would be correct. LSAC would not have made this a Must Be True question without providing some answer that definitely is true. As pointed out earlier in this thread, the stimulus doesn't quite prove that the new tourism plan is reasonable. It gives information that strongly supports that claim - if a more expensive plan with similar benefits is reasonable, it seems all the more likely that the tourism plan is reasonable, but we don't have all the facts to prove that.

Changing a question to Must Be True will never make other answers correct - if something had to be true, it would already have been the (the one!) correct answer for a Most Strongly Supported question.

Robert Carroll