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Setup and Rule Diagrams

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Setup and Rule Diagram Explanation

This is a Grouping Game: Defined-Moving, Balanced, Numerical Distribution, Identify the Possibilities.

F94_Game_#2_setup_diagram 1.png
F94_Game_#2_setup_diagram 1.png (9.62 KiB) Viewed 311 times

The first three rules establish a 2-2-1-1 unfixed numerical distribution. Because of the blocks the distribution of the variables is as follows:

F94_Game_#2_setup_diagram 2.png
F94_Game_#2_setup_diagram 2.png (4.31 KiB) Viewed 311 times

Because of this distribution, J must review Wolves and the HF block must review either Retreat or Seasonings.
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The rule stating that J reviews M or W is kind of tricky rule because it forces you to make an inference that part of the rule is not possible. I have not encountered this any other time during my reviews and I was wondering if rules similar to this appear regularly? Any trends on recent tests?
Rachael Wilkenfeld
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Hi Anothertesttaker,

The J goes in W inference is really huge, isn't it? But it's the sort of inference that we see a lot. Games are all about finding limitations, drawing inferences that give us extra information than the rules directly state.

For example, the June 2002 trucks game has rules that seem to allow for multiple options. Each truck could be red or green. But without directly stating that certain trucks were certain colors, the inferences let us know that truck 4 is Y, and is green. That's no different than the rules in this game limiting J. We use inferences to get certainty about games all the time. That's the goal.

Inferences are power in the games. Don't hesitate from powerful inferences. It's true that incorrect inferences are dangerous, but correct inferences can be strong or weak. They can give us a small amount of information about the game or a huge amount. But as long as the logic is good, and as long as you are confident in your reasoning, go with it!

Hope that helps!