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Hello there, for a few month I've been preparing for LSAT and my tutor has always been surprising me with his extraordinary homeworks. This time he game the assignment to write an essay and I'm not quite sure how that's going to help me. Sure, I wrote the piece, though it may look not that great. Anyways, this is what I wrote but my tutor says it's not what he expected from me and then we moved to another topic. Should I change my tutor? ( I found him online, he's been working at and And can someone take a look at that piece of writing and let me know what's exactly wrong with it???

Law Professional skills reflection

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The purpose of this reflective essay assignment is to highlight what I have learnt whilst attending the Professional Skills and Ethics lectures, applying what I know and utilising my acquired knowledge to real life situations. Since attending, I benefited greatly as it allowed me to think about my future in depth, understanding my personal attributes to find employment/placement that would be suited to me. Within this reflection, I will apply what I learnt from this module to the work experience I conducted last summer at a Law firm, applying what I now know to help me in becoming more professional and prepared for the corporate world.
My Work Experience at Fountain Solicitors (Law Firm- Last Summer)
Prior to starting at Aston University, I conducted work experience at Fountain Solicitors- a well-established law firm. I initially wanted to become a solicitor, and thought this would be a good experience for me to understand the job role from a primary perspective. I went into the job role carrying out predominantly office duties and shadowing staff, as client privacy had to be protected, which limited what I could do. However, this did not prohibit my experience as much as what I thought it may have. I was apprehensive at the beginning because I was unsure as to what I’d be expected to do. The fast paced nature of the firm was not something I expected, and I was astounded by how little time everyone had to relax. I liaised with employees and gathered that everyone was always occupied with something to do which I saw a positive thing, as it made the duration of the time go by quicker. I was given a variety of tasks that I took to my stride, often learning new skills and adapting to the job role accordingly. Yet, I slowly realised it wasn’t exactly how I thought it would be…
What I learnt about my personal strengths within my work experience
The experience at the law firm allowed me to understand what I was capable of- in terms of my abilities, and what I had to work on. Firstly, I was amazed at the general atmosphere of the law firm. I gathered it was a demanding job in which employees had to work quickly and hard, often missing lunch and working longer hours than expected in order to solve cases. The atmosphere was rather busy and therefore; the challenge of me being able to adapt my extroverted, outgoing character was at first, difficult. Nevertheless, I adapted well and I took this as a personal strength as mine. I was able to adjust to the busy dynamics of the office, making it easy for me to fit in so that I could offer any additional help/support to my employees.
Secondly, through observation, I noticed that everyone was occupied always with something to do, and so, I was able to use my own initiative to ensure that I too, always had something to do. Often, the employees around me were so busy, they didn’t always get to ask me to do specific jobs.  But I was able to understand this as I unlike them, I did not specialise as a solicitor/caseworker etc. and so, it was important for them to concentrate on their own work too. I found myself often carrying out extra duties to help the staff such as organising files chronologically in terms of dates cases had to be dealt by, sorting out stationary and speaking to clients. This didn’t go unnoticed, as in my feedback, I had a positive reference where they highlighted the fact that I was intuitive.
Thirdly, I found myself being able to speak to clients with ease. I think this is a personal strength of mine as it allowed the clients to also feel comfortable communicating with me, as my approachableness reflected on their attitude and willingness to speak to me; even about sensitive issues.
Reflecting on my weaknesses, taking into consideration what I now know about Professionalism
Firstly, I often disregarded the fact that I still had to be professional when liaising with clients and went from being an employer, to a friend. The conversation went from a formal to an informal tone as the client expressed their emotions and problems to me. Although the aim of conversating with clients is to make them feel comfortable confiding in me, it’s important to not ignore the fact that I’m expected to act professionally. I was taught in the lectures that a key aspect of professionalism is to behave accordingly in terms of what is expected of the job role.
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Hi Alec,

Who exactly are you working with? This isn't something a PowerScore tutor would assign for LSAT prep, and while I can see this being useful for law schools apps, it's not relevant to getting a higher LSAT score :-D

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