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#22 - Main Point

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Please post your questions below!
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A; subduction doesn’t always correlate with seismic

B; theory explained and provide plausible explanation of rarity phenomenon =great

C;some eliminate


E; threatened-extreme
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in the last paragraph, it says the proposal provides a warning. I took 'warning' to equal = threat? how can we observe tone or not observe it to select the best answer when tone is indicated in the answer choice with an extreme word such as 'threaten'?

- bre
Robert Carroll
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The "threat" in the last paragraph is a threat posed by earthquakes. Answer choice (E) refers to a "threat" to a theory. The information in the passage supplements the theory of the first paragraph - it does not threaten to displace it or refute it. So the word "threat" is describing the wrong thing in answer choice (E). The target of the threat is...people, I would say! Not a theory.

Robert Carroll