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#19 - Must Be True, Author's Perspective, Principle

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Please post your questions below!
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Could you explain what is wrong with C? I was down to A and C and had trouble eliminating C.
Thank you!
Claire Horan
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Hi Stellalune,

For each contender, you should look for specific language in the passage that shows that the author would agree or disagree with the particular statement in the answer choice. The first sentence in Passage B convinces me that the author of B would likely agree with answer choice C. However, I can't find any language in A to show that the author would reject answer choice C. The author of A thinks that the musical aspect of opera is more important than the words, but that doesn't mean the author doesn't think a successful opera "skillfully balances many factors." "Factors" is a general word. Even if author A thinks that music and words don't have to be balanced, maybe there are many musical factors that still need to be skillfully balanced.

I don't want to muddy the waters, though. Here's the takeaway: When you can't find any specific lines in the argument to latch onto as textual support for the answer choice, move on to another contender.

Good luck!