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Lesson 17- Question 3

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I was just wondering if this would be an alternative way of diagramming the information in the stimulus.
Environment (Some) → Recent Graduate → Salary and Vacation

Wouldn't this be the same as the diagram you have provided in the video? So this question is actually very similar to Questions 1 and 2 in the stimulus in that they can create a chain of logical statements. If I am missing something, please correct me!
Jon Denning
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Yes, I think that works, although I'd add two small thoughts:

1. The some is of course a double arrow, so: Environment <--some--> Recent Grads

2. We also know that no recent grads consider stress level an important factor (as only a few veteran employees consider stress level important). So you'd have another arrow from Recent Grads :arrow: Stress Level

That second piece doesn't affect the correct answer in this case, but in theory it could, as you could rightly say "some people who consider environment an important factor don't consider stress level an important factor" (as well as other some statements for vacation and salary as they relate to stress level).

Good job!
Jon Denning
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