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#12 - Global Reference, Must Be True, Author's Perspective

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Please post your questions below! Thank you!
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Could someone please explain to me what the issue with D is? I was torn between B and D I can see why B is the best answer choice. I'm just struggling to see what exactly is wrong with D.
Jay Donnell
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Hi Rosaline!

It seems D might be a bit of a Shell Game type answer. Though the details are close, in a very crucial way D presents a fact that is almost directly opposite from what the passage suggests.

The passage involves outlining and evaluating two methods available to police in order to aid them in the maximizing the amount of witness information they can glean, the cognitive interview and hypnosis.

The cognitive interview was described as " a complex procedure, requiring substantial training to
learn and a long time to conduct." (paragraph 2)

Hypnosis was described by saying "the techniques involved are much less complex." (paragraph 3).

The interviews were said to have been "proven successful in increasing the number of details recalled by witnesses, with little impact on the number of incorrect details reported (neither increasing nor decreasing overall accuracy)," where hypnosis was later regarded by saying "that overall accuracy, as determined by the proportion of correct to incorrect responses, is not generally improved with hypnosis."

These statements would not then provide support for the author of the passage to agree with D, which states "interview procedures that are easy to learn are likely to yield a greater amount of accurate information than interview procedures that are more difficult to learn." In fact, the author may be more likely to disagree with that statement, as it seems the more difficult to learn process (the cognitive interview) increases the amount of details recalled without adding to inaccuracy, and hypnosis (the method described as less complex and easier to learn) fails to provide a boost to accuracy.

I hope that helps!